Coded Bias Assignment

“Algorithmic bias, like human bias, results in unfairness”  Joy Buolamwini.  “Algorithms, like viruses, can spread bias on a massive scale at a rapid pace” Joy Buolamwini.  I was surprised to know that, like human beings, machines can be biased too. However, unlike human beings. Machines were allowing bias to spread more easily and quicker thanContinue reading “Coded Bias Assignment”

Dr Mays Imad Reflection

Mays iMad is a professor of pathophysiology and Biomedical ethics at Pima community college and she gave a session about trauma-informed pedagogy and Hope. She began the session with an attention grabbing question and it is How’s your heart?. She’s talking about a subject that’s really fascinating and important to a lot of people: theContinue reading “Dr Mays Imad Reflection”

Digital Narrative Games

The games that I played are :- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6/ Spent While playing the game Spent I felt like I was making real life decisions which made the game more exciting and interesting to me. Playing games taught me that sometimes we take decisions that we think are right for us butContinue reading “Digital Narrative Games”

A reflection on “othering”

Unfortunately finding a solution for the problem of othering is not easy. Across our human history there had been several responses to the issue, many of these solutions failed to make society more inclusive, and other attempts to solve the issue let to many hateful crimes against human beings.  The article had explained the mechanismsContinue reading “A reflection on “othering””

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