Coded Bias Assignment

“Algorithmic bias, like human bias, results in unfairness”  Joy Buolamwini.  “Algorithms, like viruses, can spread bias on a massive scale at a rapid pace” Joy Buolamwini.  I was surprised to know that, like human beings, machines can be biased too. However, unlike human beings. Machines were allowing bias to spread more easily and quicker thanContinue reading “Coded Bias Assignment”

Course Reflection

Before registering for this course I did not have any background knowledge about the course and I did know what it was talking about but after I enrolled in the course this semester I found this course very interesting and it taught me a lot of new knowledge and techniques that I did not knowContinue reading “Course Reflection”

Digital Literacies

Digital Literacies Game :- Step 1 :- Step 2 :- Reflection on  Knowing the difference between Digital skills and Digital Literacies,and teaching Both This Article is one of the most informative articles that I read  about the difference between Digital skills and Digital literacies that a lot of people around us do not know theContinue reading “Digital Literacies”

Something that Delights Me

This Picture combines the most three things that I like which is the sea and I enjoy staying at the sea and I like yachts. Lamborghini is my favorite car and I like fast driving because it makes the adrenaline high and helps me get out all of my negative energy

Digital Narrative Games

The games that I played are :- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6/ Spent While playing the game Spent I felt like I was making real life decisions which made the game more exciting and interesting to me. Playing games taught me that sometimes we take decisions that we think are right for us butContinue reading “Digital Narrative Games”


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